Worship Committee

The Worship Committee provides a wide range of liturgical ministries to assist at the Mass.  It plans, coordinates, implements and evaluates the worship celebrations for the parish community, especially for special seasons of the liturgical year. There are many opportunity to join varied liturgical ministries at the Parish.  We invite you to join any of the following ministries:


Altar Servers

Joseph Crawford 

JC Gardner 

Minnetta Jones 


Art & Environment

Ashley Womack

Cerice White 

Oretha Pretlow 

Deborah Lamb 



Hattie Washington


Deaf Ministry

Sandra Hall 


Eucharistic Ministers

Eric K. Brown 


Funeral Liturgy/Planning

Oretha Pretlow 


Ladies of the Covenant

Ronda Fraizer 



Janet Reid

Sandra Bickham 

Denise Lovely 


Ministry of Consolation

Linda Cooke 


Music Ministry

Sammie Logan 


Prayer Group

Sandra Jarvis 



Deacon Calvin Bailey 



Mark Lawson 

*Please contact the parish office, 757-622-4487, if you need to reach any of these points of contact.