Beginning in November 2018, PORTCO partnered with the Basilica of St. Mary’s of the Immaculate Conception in Norfolk to provide transportation and handling services of food and supplies for St. Mary’s extensive food pantry and soup kitchen programs. This service is provided at no cost to St. Mary’s and provides an additional channel of quality employment for PORTCO employees.”

“PORTCO is an Employment Service Organization providing transitional, supported employment and vocational services to individuals with disabilities who could not otherwise find and maintain competitive employment on their own. PORTCO seeks to embrace diversity, erase barriers and bridge individuals with differing abilities to their communities through quality employment and training opportunities while providing exceptional services to our stakeholders. 

PORTCO is one of our partners with the Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen and would like our (The Basilica) support in the following event.

“GiveLocal757 is on May 14! Unleash your inner philanthropist and support employment for people of all abilities with our partner PORTCO in TWO EASY STEPS:

FIRST, RSVP "Attending" to the Facebook event. This will put PORTCO in the running for the #GiveLocal757 'RSVP Challenge Prize of $757. 


SECOND, join PORTCO  between 4-6pm  on May 14 and give $10. Not only will your gift support PORTCO employees, you just might be the gift to win PORTCO the #GiveLocal757 'Happy Hour Bonus Prize of $757!

AND REMEMBER! If you can't make Happy Hour, you can give at ANY TIME on May 14 at the link above. 

Most of all, THANK YOU! You make the #StoriesofPORTCO possible.”