Sunday, March 22, 2020

Mar 25, 2020

Please be seated for a moment…

On this Fourth Sunday in Lent, we would normally do a “deep dive” with our Elect to scrutinize our lives and ferret out those things that make us blind to the presence of Jesus in our lives.

It seems to me that the constant news and updates on the virus that has stopped the whole world in its tracks is a good place to start. 

While we need to stay informed, we do not need to be consumed by the information.  Please step away from whatever news station you watch and step closer to Jesus.  He is there in our uncertainty.   He is there in our fear.   He is there in our frustration.  He is here and we are all experiencing the same thin.  The news can easily make us blind to everything else. 

I also encourage families to come together, especially on Sunday to pray together.  We are continuing to upload homilies on the webpage and we are working on ways to live stream the Mass so that you can follow in real time or access the recording at the time you would normally attend Mass.  For those who are able, creating a sacred space in your home is helpful.  You can create an altar with a table and a crucifix.  It can be a room or a corner of a room.  Keep a bible and prayer book present.  Spiritual music and images also helps to define the space.

This is also a good opportunity to introduce children to board games.  Technology can be a time saver and a way to connect with friends and family far away.   It can also make us blind to the people who are all around us and make us feel even more isolated from people we love.  Board games are a way for families to fully engage with each other.

Please visit our website for other ideas to connect to your parish in prayer.  While you’re there, please consider signing up for online tithing.  It’s quick and easy and provides much needed support to the Basilica.

Above all, please remember that “this too shall pass”.  Even if it passes like a kidney stone, it will pass.  In the meantime, please be assured of my love and prayer for you.  Please remember to pray for me.


Fr. Jim


  • julia allamanPosted on 3/28/20

    enjoyed your homily last week and your words today.
    Julia and David

  • Barbara SearsPosted on 3/27/20

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. Remembering you in prayer.