Weekend Mass

Saturday Vigil: 5 PM (Confession 4:15 PM or by appointment)
Sunday: 9 AM & 12 Noon
Weekday Mass - Tuesday to Friday 12:10 (St. Joseph Chapel)

Holy Days of Obligation

Holy days of obligation are days set aside by the Church when the faithful attend Mass. In addition to Sundays, the days observed as holy days of obligation in the United States are:

  • January 1st – Mary, Mother of God
  • Seventh Sunday of Easter – Ascension of Our Lord*
  • August 15th – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • November 1st – All Saints
  • December 8th – Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • December 25th – Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Mass held on these days will be at 12 Noon and 7:00 pm






Just Engagement 2019  (Click on the link for more information)


Let us pray for those who are ill, especially Karen Smith and Natasha Church.

Please remember in your prayers those who have died recently especially: Fred Scott, the father of Esther Laquerre, Sylvia Madison and Sarah Anderson.

A Memorial Service will be offered on Fri., Oct. 4th at 11am for Virginia Cook, here at the Basilica.

Immaculate Conception in Hampton is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with a concert featuring recording artist, ValLimar Jansen, on Sun., Oct. 6th at 6pm. Our own Basilica Mass Choir will accompany and perform in the concert. Additional information is included in this week’s bulletin. Tickets are $10 and there will be a few tickets available after this Mass.

George and Danielle Rivers proclaim today: “To God Be the Glory” as they celebrate 68 years of Marital Bless tomorrow/today. Happy Anniversary, George & Danielle.

American Sign Language classes will begin on October 13, 2019

Terrance Afer-Anderson is presenting his documentary, “The Phoenix and the Ashes” on Thurs., Oct. 10th at 7pm here in the Sanctuary of the Basilica.

We extend Happy and Blessed Birthday wishes toMr. James Ashe who will celebrate his 91st Birthday on Monday. Happy Birthday, Mr. Ashe!

We have been notified today by the Diocese that a popular scam targeting parishioners is making the rounds yet again. To ensure that we remain vigilant against such crimes, we warn our parishioners that the scammers are targeting anyone associated with a parish. They are trying to trick people into sending gift cards to the pastor via links in the email (most popularly ITunes gift cards). Never transfer funds or send gift cards to people requesting it online.  Always check with the church office first.

During the Mass, we begin our profession of faith by saying: “I believe” or “We believe.” Before expounding the Church’s faith, as confessed in the Creed, celebrated in the liturgy, and lived in observance of God’s commandments and in prayer, we must first ask what “to believe” means. Some of you may have visited many churches, or attended with a spouse or friend and have heard about the RCIA, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. It is during this process that you come to understand why we say, I Believe. The process will officially begin on Sun., Oct. 6th. If you are interested in pursuing or asking questions, please contact Oretha Pretlow in the Church Office. There is still time to join sessions, to begin to say, “I Believe.”  RCIA sessions will begin next Sun., Oct. 6th at 10:45 am in the Church Office.

On Saturday, November 2, 12:00 Noon @ Susan S. Goode Fine & Performing Arts Center
Virginia Wesleyan University - 
Join Christy Coleman as she shares new scholarship about the depiction of our collective past, discusses questions around the display of Civil War symbols in public spaces, and reflects on issues of historical memory.  How Shall We Remember? - The American Civil War Museum Grapples with the Legacies of Slavery and the Confederacy. How Shall We Remember - Christy Coleman

Youth Presentations

Sergine Mombrum - World Youth Day - Panama 2019

Sergine Mombrum - World Youth Day - Panama 2019

Anisa Seller - World Youth Day - Panama 2019

Anisa Seller - World Youth Day - Panama 2019

The Basilica of St. Mary